At MojoFeet we believe that life is best experienced on the move.

Thanks for choosing us to support you (literally) on your journey. If your healthcare provider has fit you for MojoFeet custom orthotics. Be sure to follow their break-in recommendations and treatment plan to ensure the best outcomes for you.


MojoFeet WABI-SABI Manufacturing

Your custom-made orthotics are designed to help you ‘get moving’ more comfortably and more efficiently. They are engineered to support the architectural structure of your feet and are customized to flex while you walk, making long days living on man-made surfaces more comfortable.

Say what?

Well-manufactured custom orthotics are perfectly imperfect, just like your feet. They are WABI-SABI. Our ‘wabi-sabi’ way ensures that every custom orthotic is truly a custom creation for your perfectly imperfect feet. Fitting your heel cup, length of your arch and shape of your foot. We are humble and simple in our design. We are unconventional in our approach to foot health.




Don’t be surprised if you feel a little spring in your step with your custom orthotics, we call it ‘good foot mojo’. Our feet are literally the foundation for a healthy, active life. When you start at the bottom, the only place to go is UP!


Adapting to your MojoFeet custom orthotics


  1. Change can tend to be a little uncomfortable.

    Gradual accommodation to the change under your feet is best for your body. Add an hour of casual wear everyday until you can comfortably wear your orthotics all day. A little ‘good mojo’ goes a long way.

  2. Create a new habit.

    Once you have comfortably adapted to wearing your custom orthotics all day, its time create new patterns for how you move. Gradually accommodate to all new activities (running, dancing etc.) and shoes to ensure proper adaptation and a comfortable transition.  Changing habits can change your life.

  3. Move.

    Our bodies were ‘made to move’ and designed to feel great while doing so. When you move well and move often, you can live a full life. Thank you for making us a part of your journey.