The best outcomes are achieved with a COMBINATION of therapies. Techniques and modalities that compliment orthotic therapy are vast and varied. MojoFeet emphasizes to MOBILIZE, STABILIZE and SUPPORT your patients feet.


  1. Movement Assessment. Watch them walk, balance on one foot, and perform everyday functions such as squatting and lunging.
  2. Joint mobilization and manipulation. Before and after casting, optimizing foot mobility leads to optimal foot function
  3. Soft tissue work. Myofascial release techniques and soft tissue mobilizations can help reduce stress on tissues and improve outcomes. ART, Graston and all other forms of putting your hands on your patient’s feet.
  4. Intrinsic muscle strengthening. A strong foundation can only be obtain with getting your patients to participate in regular barefoot strengthening protocols. Instruct your patients on foot strengthening techniques to improve function – don’t stop at their feet. Holding their ‘short foot’ should progress into exercises that connect the entire kinetic chain into a daily barefoot strengthening program. See ‘a strong sole’
  5. Taping. Functional movement taping can be of benefit in encouraging the right motions for the patient’s lower extremity and beyond.
  6. Proprioceptive and Balance exercises. Remember, in addition to all of our lofty biomechanical goals, there is a nervous system attached to that foot you are treating. Improving reaction times of the system leads to better foot function and overall health.
  7. Movement goal setting. Nothing is achieved without goals. Work with your patients to help them achieve their movement goals. Whether it’s qualifying for the Boston Marathon, raking leaves without pain, or going for a walk with their friends and loved ones, start the process moving in the right direction with a goal.
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