MojoFeet PreFabs

MojoFeet PreFabs (short for ‘Pretty Fabulously Manufactured Arch Supports”) are available at any MojoPro HealthCare provider’s office.  Prefabricated arch supports are a great beginning to supporting your feet on their journey back to health. Prefabricated arch supports are identical from right to left and will not ‘perfectly’ match up to your feet. In many cases, they can help get your ‘good foot mojo’ going.


  1. Mojo Prefabs will break down much quicker than Mojo custom orthotics, this is why they cost much less. Some options are to start with Mojo Prefabs and replace them regularly or start with Mojo Prefabs and consider getting Mojo Custom Orthotics as a longer term solution to foot support .
  2. If you need foot support right away, Mojo Prefabs can be of ‘instant’ help. Your healthcare provider can adjust them slightly for maximal comfort if needed.
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