We are passionate about feet and their role in human health and performance. We realize that strong, functional feet are literally the foundation for a healthy body and an active life.

We are enthusiastic about living our values and responding to the growing challenges of understanding  and exploring human movement in a modern world.

stu-currieStuart Currie

Doctor of Chiropractic

PhD Bioengineering (cand.)


My interest in feet started while I was training for the Chicago marathon 12 years ago.  Diagnosed with fractured sesamoid bones in my right foot, I was motivated to find ways to treat it and keep running.  I pursued a variety of treatments and was told that surgery was my only option.  Luckily, I avoided surgery with the use  of foot orthotic designed to return function to my feet. I completed the marathon.  This personal success led me to realize the importance of evaluating the foot and the way it interacts with the ground as a foundation for a successful treatment plan with my patients.  Personal experience shapes all clinicians, and this was the experience that shaped the course of my subsequent study and focus.


Get_moving_inspire_others-5x7After graduating with his Chiropractic degree, I began practice, never losing the desire to further my knowledge of our foundation. I worked as the Director of Research for a foot orthotic manufacturing company for several years, learning and exploring the theories behind biomechanics of the foot.


This endeavor left me with several unanswered questions.  How does the foot really move while we walk what is “normal”, and how can we better address the deficiencies we see in clinical practice?  I am on a quest to figure out many unanswered questions in the field of foot biomechanics. Realizing there were concepts in the engineering world that could assist me, I went back to school to learn the process of engineering.


Currently, I am pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering in the Mechanics and Materials Engineering Department at the University of Denver. My goal is to combine my clinical skills and my research interests with the hope of better understanding the human body and the biomechanics of human movement.  Ultimately, attempting to find ways to keep us all moving and healthy.