Our_Mission-HOR-MojoYour health begins, remains and sustains with movement.

We are made to move. We are motion machines, designed to feel good while on the go. BUT, we’ve stopped moving and we are paying the price for sitting around. Being sedentary is very convenient and very expensive.

Your great grandparents were movers. Physical activity was an integral part of their daily lives, not an extracurricular hobby. A movement lifestyle can be taught. A child’s motivations and inspirations can be learned. Today, activity is a choice. It is choosing to walk, stand, take the stairs, park far away, and play outside. It is choosing the inconvenient because the ‘best things in life ARE free’.

Let’s face it; it’s hard out there. ‘Our world’ is covered in concrete, we have sedentary lives and many lazy, indulgent temptations. Things change, the rhythm of living in this modern world is all about our actions and reactions; how well do we ebb and flow? What tough choices are we going to make?



Manifesto-FrontAt MojoFeet we are getting to the ‘bottom’ of this ‘lack of movement mess’.

We believe STRONG, ACTIVE feet are the foundation for a strong, active body.

We will be beside you and ‘beneath’ you on your battle against inactivity. MojoFeet products are engineered to support movement in a modern world, we are here to support you on your journey to a STRONG foundation for your body. We hope one day, you won’t need us anymore ‘beneath’ you.


It’s not happy people that are active, it is active people that are happy.


It’s time for change. It’s your turn.


Today is a gift. Get Moving.