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Get the Mojo
back in your feet

Orthotics engineered to help you lead a mobile, active, healthy life

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Custom Orthotics

Created using a 3D digital scan or foam mold and built specifically for your feet, physical activity and desired health outcomes.

Custom Orthotics

Prefab Orthotics

Immediate and easy solution for foot, knee and back pain, and fatigue, so you can get the support you need at a great price.

Prefab Orthotics

Foot Lifts

Correct leg length deficiencies, balance the pelvis, walk, run, and stand more effectively and comfortably with full-foot lifts.


Mojo Matrix

Our patented digital imaging system quickly captures a 3D digital cast of your patients' feet in the corrective position.


We believe STRONG, ACTIVE feet are the foundation for a strong, active body.

At MojoFeet, we combine our clinical knowledge with biomechanics and engineering to create a range of products that help healthcare providers correct their patients’ foot problems and get the mojo back in their feet.

Who We Are

Thank you so much. Your inserts have literally saved my running! I wouldn’t be able to do it without your product.

All I can say is wow, what a difference from other orthotics on the market, there is no comparison.

My feet feel great, there is a noticeable difference in my hips as well. Changed my life. Thank you Mojo!!!

I am happy to say I have not had any pain from my neuroma, so long as I consistently wear my Mojo’s!

I am very grateful for my Mojo’s so that I don’t have more steroids or resort to foot surgery.

I noticed a difference right away. My feet weren’t hurting and my back didn’t hurt. The best investment I’ve made.

Every patient that you have made custom orthotics for in my office has been extremely satisfied. Thank you for consistently delivering quality.

I was introduced to MojoFeet by a friend. He finally convinced me to invest in the real thing. I’ve now had them about 3 weeks and couldn’t be more pleased. Although it took about a week to get used to them, my pain is now almost gone!

See How MojoFeet Can Help Your Patients

We work with health care providers throughout North America to provide custom orthotic solutions for their patients. Contact us today to see how MojoFeet can help your patients correct their foot problems and get moving again.

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About MojoFeet

At MojoFeet, we’re on a mission to help people move better. Click here to read about our corporate philosophy, our company, and our founder.

About Us

How They’re Made

Did you ever wonder how custom orthotics are made? Visit our How They’re Made page to learn about the art and science behind creating a custom orthotic.

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Ready to see how MojoFeet Prefab Orthotics can make a difference in the way you move? Visit our Partner Directory to find a retailer near you!

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