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At MojoFeet, we provide foot lift products to help patients correct leg length discrepancies (LLDs), balance the pelvis, and walk, run and stand more effectively and comfortably.


An LLD is a common ailment and people with an LLD can often experience pain in their lower back, hip, knee, foot or neck. LLD can also cause a limp, affect balance while walking, and discomfort when bending at the waist or standing for extended periods of time. An LLD can be made worse by a variety of factors, including heavy lifting, intense exercise, being overweight or obese, inconsistent use of foot lifts, and others.

MojoFeet Full-Foot Lifts

MojoFeet Full-Foot Lifts work by supporting the entire foot. Unlike heel lifts, which raise the heel, put pressure on the front of the foot, and shorten the calf, MojoFeet Full-Foot Lifts run the length of the foot, and raises the foot as a platform, providing more balanced and effective support.


Many foot lifts on the market are made from heavier plastic materials. Adding a heavy foot lift to one shoe can cause imbalance while walking, and can lead to other issues. All MojoFeet Foot Lifts are made from light-weight rubberized cork and can be customized for taper, size, and thickness. The lighter weight of MojoFeet Foot Lifts puts less strain on your feet, ensures balance by not adding too much weight to one side, and allows you to walk or stand longer and more comfortably.

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Our MojoFeet Foot Lifts are regularly recommended to their patients by health care providers. Each order of Full-Foot Lifts is tailored to each patient, made by hand, and completely customizable.

Health Care Providers

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