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At MojoFeet, we specialize in engineering custom orthotics that help people correct their foot problems and get the mojo back in their feet, so they can lead healthy, active lives.

The Problem with Foot Problems

Our feet are our foundation, and like a building, if something is wrong with the foundation, the entire structure is at risk. The same goes for our bodies. Problems with your feet can negatively impact other parts of the body, and can result in issues with your back, hips and knees. Even worse, these problems can prevent people from living active lifestyles, which can lead to weight gain, diabetes, cardiovascular ailments, and a range of other issues. This cycle of inactivity and poor health that can impact every part of a person’s life.

Our bodies are made to move, and for many people, having a custom orthotic engineered to support their feet and their specific problems can be the answer.

What Do We Mean by a MojoFeet Custom Orthotic?

MojoFeet specializes in creating custom orthotics that are engineered to provide support and flexibility, improve biomechanics, correct problems, prevent future problems, and help people move more comfortably and efficiently. Our custom orthotics work by supporting the arch of your foot, positioning your foot to function from a more optimal posture. Having this support ensures your foot does not flatten or collapse too much when you walk or run, reduces aches and pains, and benefits overall foot health.

Many orthotic companies use pre-made molds and libraries of foot types when creating custom orthotics. We don’t do that. All of our custom orthotics are made using a 3D digital scan or foam mold of feet in a corrective position. We also take into account other key information such as a person’s weight, flexibility, level of physical activity and desired health outcomes. With this information, we create an orthotic with specific corrective properties that is truly customized to the person who will use it.

We use only state-of-the-art materials, including high-density, high-molecular-weight polyethylene, a high-grade plastic we are able to tune to provide a precise amount of flexibility. Then we cover the plastic in one of a number of textile options, including high-rebound EVAUltrasuede®, D3O® smart foam, antimicrobial BioSkin™, or the ballistic nylon Cordura®. Textile options are chosen based on clinical need, comfort and durability. Visit our How It’s Made page for more on how we make our custom orthotics.

How MojoFeet Works with Health Care Providers

Creating a custom orthotic is a collaborative process. We work with our healthcare providers to help them accurately capture images or molds of feet in the corrective posture, and consult with them about the best course of corrective action. We also provide educational resources to help our partners educate their patients, so they feel comfortable and confident in using their custom orthotics to get the best result.

Our health care partners are also eligible for our patented Mojo Matrix digital imaging system, designed to help accurately capture images of patients’ feet in the corrective posture, and provide information helpful in assessing if a patient needs a custom orthotic.  The MojoMatrix allows practitioners to compare your foot where it is, to where it should be, and make clinical decisions from that information.

Ready to See How MojoFeet Can Help Your Patients Get Their Mojo Back?


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Health Care Providers

Every year, we work with our medical professional partners to provide custom orthotics for thousands of patients. If you’re ready to see how MojoFeet can help your patients get the Mojo back in their feet, order your casting kits today.