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Our MojoFeet Prefabs (Pretty Fabulous) prefabricated orthotics are a great way to get the support you need at a great price. Because not every foot problem requires a custom orthotic, our prefab orthotics can provide an immediate and easy solution for foot pain, and are a great way to introduce your feet to a more corrective posture so you can move and function more naturally.

Benefits of MojoFeet Prefab Orthotics

Our MojoFeet Prefab Orthotics are engineered to provide relief from foot aches, mild discomfort, end-of-the-day fatigue, achy knees, achy back, and a range of other ailments.


They work by supporting the arch of your foot, stopping your foot from flattening and collapsing too much when you walk or run, and encouraging your feet to function from a more optimal position to lessen aches and pains, and increase overall foot health.


While not designed to restore full foot posture in the same way as MojoFeet Custom Orthotics, they give you great support at a great price and can be heat molded if necessary to give you a more customized fit.

Where to Get MojoFeet Prefab Orthotics


Ready to see how MojoFeet Prefab Orthotics can make a difference in the way you move? Visit our Partner Directory to find a retailer near you!

Health Care Providers

If you’re a health care provider interested in MojoFeet Prefab Orthotics, use the form linked below to place an order.